A365 Limited is a member of AMDEA (Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances) who set-up the Register My Appliance portal which is supported by The Government, Age UK, Citizens Advice, The UK Fire and Rescue Service.


The main aim of this initiative is to keep householders informed about product safety.

We will contact you in the event of an important product update.
You would be the first to know of any safety recalls.

We will keep in touch with update news. Please confirm that you would like to be kept updated.

For more information as to why it is important to register, please refer to

Please note that you are not signing up for product warranty. This will be provided by your retailer at the point of purchase.

If you’ve just purchased, register right now.

Check the details of your older appliances and register these too. If you don’t remember the exact date of purchase, use an approximate month and year.

Register the model number of your product(s) and the batch or serial number under the specific branded registration site. The above link will give you access to over 60 brands where you can register your new and older appliances.

Please refer to the instructions for your appliance in order to locate the rating plate for your batch or serial number.

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