International Sourcing

Sourcing is about finding the right product for your client at the right price. Over the years we have built up a solid supplier base with products sourced from Europe, Turkey as well as from South East Asia, mainly China.

Partner Organisations in Asia

Reliable partner organisations in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong help us to achieve a quick, efficient and professional sourcing and logistics service.

Our partners in the Far East are responsible for conducting factory audits to our client’s required technical and ethical standards, ensure compliance with European approval requirements, conduct in-line and final inspections and provide a logistics service that ensures products will get to our clients on time.

Market Knowledge / Relationship with Key Retailers

We work with a number of retail partners in the UK and USA. However, a lot of our work is relatively invisible as we work with retailer’s own brands or with licenced brands.

Our knowledge of the market, however, coupled with knowing whom to sell toin addition to where to buy from is a particular strength of our team and will form the basis of a focused and targeted marketing plan for our clients.

Excellent Guanxi with Key Suppliers

We regularly visit key suppliers, either at Trade Fairs or in their factories to discuss current projects and new product development. This close relationship is particularly valued by Chinese suppliers and helps us to maintain a long term and profitable partnership.

Low Overhead Operation

We work as a small and dedicated team that is available locally to deal with issues arising in the UK. At the same time, we can access and rely on Chinese prices to offer our clients a competitively priced product.