Case Studies

Case Study 1

A large UK based mail order business asked A365 › Sourcing › Design › Development to provide an in-depth analysis of the floor care market in order to help them decide which products they should source for next year.

We also identified gaps in their product range and made suggestions for a new and fresh colour scheme.

Our work has now led to 4 new products being ranged.

Case Study 2

A365 › Sourcing › Design › Development were asked by an Indian Electrical Retail Giant to provide a market analysis and business plan for market entry into the UK with a range of small electrical appliances. All products needed to have an Indian angle but had to be sourced from China.

Following detailed analysis of our plan over a period of a couple of months and extensive consultation, our client decided to go for a step by step approach. We are now helping them to get listings for one specific product which they know will be a best seller.

Case Study 3 – The Freedman Chair

This is probably the most exciting product we are working on at the moment. Invented by a London based Osteopath called Simon Freedman, this is potentially the Dyson of Chairs.

A chair that fits patients comfortably and enables you to sit in a ‘standing’ position on a meticulously engineered contoured seating pad that eliminates muscle stress in your back and thighs.

A365 › Sourcing › Design › Development were asked initially to help with the tooling of the chair, then to identify sources for certain components and finally to work out a sales and marketing plan for world-wide distribution. The company is currently looking for investors to launch their first chair and is ready for production.

Case Study 4 – Neato Robotics

The result of a Stanford University Entrepreneur’s Challenge, the first Neato Robotic Vacuum Cleaner was launched in 2010 in the US, quickly gaining great reviews and positive feedback.

A365 › Sourcing › Design › Development was asked to establish a distribution plan for the UK and take on the selling and marketing of the product range. We started to present to customers early 2013.

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